Program Developer: Elsa Brizzi

Elsa Nitzsche Brizzi is an exemplary educator and also the author and illustrator of the focal book of this program, You Are A Very Special You.

Brizzi has contributed to national government, national state-wide and Los Angeles County programs to create solutions addressing emerging issues in public education. As an educator, Brizzi has been involved in developing programs and services that answer diversity issues in education, inlcuding special education, minority participation, sex equality, and bilinguialism.

"My 45 years as an educator has shown me that when we acknowledge ourselves as being lovable and capable, we can move mountains," says Brizzi.

Brizzi has represented the Los Angeles County Office of Education as a consortia member to the Latino Teacher Project, a Ford Foundation / University of Southern California and LAUSD program. She served as Director for Teacher and Paraprofessional Training, Staff Development Program for the USC Department of Teacher Education.

Her degrees and credentials include M.A., M.S., General Elementary Credential, Administrative Credentials, Community College Credentials, and Counseling Credentials, Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco, College of Professional Studies, Organizational Behavior and Development for Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs, Assistant Professor, California State University at Los Angeles and School of Education.

Brizzi is currently Director of Special Projects, West Coast Division of Education 21, Inc., a not-for-profit agency based in Albany, New York.

Book Acknowledgements

"The inspiration for You Are A Very Special You stemmed from my beginning teaching experiences. My students taught me much and awakened my lifetime quest to uncover our individual specialness and from that reality our unique gifts grow.

"Margaret Meade once shared how a small group of well intentioned people can change the world. I believe this. The creation of this book is an example. I appreciate the help and contributions of the following wonderful individuals who contributed to this book."


Elsa Nitzsche Brizzi, educator, author, illustrator and program developer

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