ILEP Ending Celebration

The ILEP Special You Reading Club Program Culminating Event-Saturday, Nov.15th at The Laguna Beach Library 11am to noon.
The City was bustling with activity, finding a parking place was tough, nevertheless, all 70 persons attending, not including our children, were assembled in the library waiting for the “Show” to begin. The Laguna Beach Library hosted the event with reading completion medals and followup books distributed by Martha Lydick for each second grader provided by Friends of The Library. Thanks to Pamela Chesney-Algar, Children’s Librarian and John Gilliom, Branch Mgr., for the thoughtfully arranged reception. Karen Stone, ILEP’s most- fortunate-to-have-her, volunteer photographer, circulated, as she always does, capturing photos for the program’s history and website Blog.  Peggie Thomas,  AAUW’s TLC Program Co- Director and ILEP Team Member, greeted our 20 proud Mentor/Tutors, the children’s  families, and community members. Our community collaborating organizations attended,  K.C.Mechling from LOCA, Faye Branscombe from Boys & Girls Club and Deana Pink from AAUW  were all there to cheer on our children. YES, THE CHILDREN WERE AND ARE TERRIFIC!! And after her presentation one of our second graders bowed!! We all loved their performance. Their reading, their writing and their drawings.
Thank you Mentor/ Tutors


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